Strings and gauge calculators:

– A very good gauge calculator, but it doesn’t work with wound strings.

– Another good gauge calculator, with the same problem above.

Knobloch Strings, the best classical guitar strings I know.

Pyramid strings.

Aquila strings.

Savarez strings.

Kurschner strings.

Cuerdas Pulsadas, the online string shop by David Morales.


Casbag, very good cases custom made from Valencia.

Bag luthiers, another very good brand of custom made cases from Valencia.

– Rigid cases Manzano on Facebook.

Kingham cases, high quality cases.


Asociación Romanillos-Harris.

Sociedad de la Vihuela.

Societé française du luth.

Sociedad Española de la Guitarra.

Colleagues and musicians:

Jaume Bosser, a good friend and best guitar maker, from who I’ve learned a lot.

Carlos González, another genius on instrument making and a good friend.

Xavier Coll, one of my favorite guitarists.

Xavier Díaz, maybe the best known early music guitarist of our country.

Carles Trepat, if I had to choose a only few names in the field of the classical guitar playing, this would be one for sure. Also, he plays with original guitars by Pagés, Torres, Santos Hernández and José Luis Romanillos. He hasn’t a web page, but he is on Facebook.

Miquel Javaloy, a very good classical guitarist and a very good friend of mine. He hasn’t a web page, but he is on Facebook.

Alfred Fernàndez, a great vihuela player and the sound manager who makes the most “realistic” recordings I’ve ever heard.

El Taller del Lutier, radio broadcast of Catalunya Música conducted by my friend Pere Andreu Jariod, in wich I’m fortunate to collaborate frequently.

– In such a small town as la Fatarella (population less than 1000) there are three people dedicated to the ancient music. One is my wife, Laia, who is a musicologist, another one is me, as a guitar maker, and the third one is recorder and bassoon player Eva Jornet.

Museums and instrument collections:

Museu de la Música de Barcelona.

Musée de la Musique de París.

Musée des Instruments de Musique de Bruxelles.

Metropolitan Museum of New York, instruments department.

Kunthistorischesmuseum de Viena, instruments department.

Musikinstrumenten-Museum de Berlín.

Musical Instruments Museums of the Edimburg University.

Ancient musical instruments resources:

Base nationale des instruments de musique, national french database of musical instruments in public and private collections.

Musical Instruments Museums Online, international database of musical instruments in museums.

Other miscellaneous things:

Sóc una troca, handspun yarns by Laia, my wife.

Sopancrosta, my cooking blog.

La Fatarella, my town.